GYB_83-2 Garate, millennial artist

Hi. Like many of my generation, I come from a diverse background. Similar to a military brat, I’ve had short-term homes most of my life. From the beach cities in Baja California, to the beach cities in Los Angeles, and I even did a stint in Philadelphia, PA for art school. So far, its been a rich and complex life, one that continually provides me with the necessary ingredients to create, grow, and become more aware of who I am.

My unstable childhood has created a constant need for travel in my adult life, and often is the case I run off with my camera to explore a new town. You can judge for yourself, but I consider my style an experimental mix of processes, collage, and sensuality.

I use digital and analogue mediums ranging from large format to 35mm, and experimental Lomography cameras are my general choice in artmaking, but I am not exclusive to them. Additionally, I create non-silver images such as cyanotypes and van dyke brown prints.

Concerning video, I create time-lapse pieces on decaying matter, and landscapes.

Updated 02/20/2016