This is such a wonderful picture, I had to share it with all of you.




It’s possible that the only thing I’ve gotten better at in photography is hardening my heart against the second-most interesting thing. How many times did I make that argument to myself?— “Oh, I can’t possibly crop that out—it’s so interesting.” I used to ask J a lot, “Do you like this photo?” And she would always answer that question, “What’s it about?” On the other hand, when I was editing something and she’d walk by and say unprompted, “Oh, that’s a good one!”, I’d look more closely at the photo, which I had thought was no better than any of the rest of them, and see that the difference was always clarity of composition—there was no question what it was about.

So first I got better at editing out the competing lovely thing, and then I got better at framing it out, so I didn’t have to crop or paint…

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