Collage collaboration(s)

I don’t think that I try to write more than two sentences in this blog because I want the image to stand on its own.

Lately however, and as my blog views increase, I was thinking about making a collaborative piece involving amateurs, professionals, and photography connoisseurs. In other words everyone.

It is no secret that everyone, try hard enough, can take a good photograph – I’m chasing something a little more conceptual, and collecting for example, images of your neighborhood in “X” town and juxtaposing that with images of my neighborhood here in Tijuana, Baja California.

So, this is an open call for all of you to send me an image of your ‘hood. Banal as Irvine, or as sketchy as Detroit, share with me what you see everyday.

Send .jpg image only to

Include: Author – Artist

Phone number or email

Your consent to license the image to me for the express purpose of including it in this blog, and promotional page GarateFoto, on facebook, and not for-profit.

Please do not include a watermark, all credits will be included without tainting the image.

Carpe Diem!



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