found .Light

Untitled DRC

Hello. This was part of my Series 1 postings of 20 images that I created inspired by countries in the world that use rape as a war tactic.


3 thoughts on “found .Light

  1. extremely powerful photograph… beautifully executed. I took a photograph of my daughter Lennon awhile back (after she had just taken a bath so she was innocently naked)… but I got this shot of her hand like this photograph, only hers is coming through a window on her plastic playhouse… pretty sweet. My photograph might have a different meaning than yours but I still was hoping to make the point for the viewer to be aware of how they are looking at my child’s nude body… anywho… if you care to check out my blog, the photograph can be found in categories under The History of Photography… I was emulating Cindy Sherman for a photography project I was doing for an art history course. Probably too much information I just gave you but I LOVE THIS PHOTO!! 🙂


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